Homepage History

September 2005 Review of the summer holiday 2005 in Bad Flinsberg: many pictures and views of the city and the Sudeten and Iser Mountains.
December 2004 Published an article about Ludwig Manfred Lommel in the club magazine "Der Schalltrichter" No. 24 of the German Gramophone Club (Deutscher Grammophon Club e.V. - see links)
August 2004 Enhancement of the homepage with pictures of the city of birth of Lommel: Jauer and a lot of new information at OTHER.
Furthermore  filled in broad information about Bad Flinsberg (the city of birth of my father).
March 2004 Published new information about Lommel's books.
March 2004 Published new information about Lommel's books.
October 2003 New informations about shellac recordings and correcting informations about the family background of Lommel. Given up the mirror on http://home.t-online.de.
November 2002 My own new domain: http://www.lmlommel.de
June 2002 Some new information about why I choose Lommel as my theme.
April 2002 The new design and the English pages start!
March 2002 Some new recordings, scans, informations and the complete discography brought by Ulrich Mayer and Michael Schmiedecke
February 2002 First mirror on http://home.t-online.de and alias by http://v3.com: http://lommel.fanclub.ms.
January 2002 Some new recordings and scans brought by Ulf Graupner
July 2000 Second alias by http://v3.com: http://go.to/lommel.
December 1999 First alias by http://admin.de.cx: http://heidrich.de.cx.
December 1998 Start of my Homepage at http://www.01019freenet.de (now: http://people.freenet.de)
September 1998 Start of my internet access at home


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