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My name: Christoph Heidrich

born September 18, 1964 at Frankfurt at the Main (Germany)

living at Ahrensburg 22926, Stormarnstr. 45, Germany

Profession: General Services & Assistant to COO/CFO, Central & Eastern Europe

  After my 12-year-subscription as an officer at the German Army (1986 to 1998) I made my hobby of the last 11 years to my profession by working as an IT Administrator - the last years of being in the Army have been quite helpful for this.
Together with my studies of business and economy at the University of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg and with the help of some professional on- and off-the-job training during and after my subscription time I took a lot of basics to find a good "civvy" job, that besides appropriate earnings makes me get a big kick out of it. After 5 years in the IT business I changed my job inside my company in 2003 to work as manager purchase: This was a new challenge, for my colleague who managed the purchase & administration was ill for about 9 months an I had to do the job without any further briefing (in German we call this to jump into the cold water)!
In May 2004 I started a new challenge as assistant CFO (aditionally to purchase&administration, for my company had to dismiss 55% of their employees but the job still had to be done).
By now Iím managing the property, cars, mobiles and purchase for Gemany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Poland.

My biggest hobby is my my daughter Tamara.

Beschreibung: I am the greatest!

This (meanwhile not longer) little darling is the great star in my life,


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