Tamara Myrna Heidrich

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1998 with Grandma and Grandpa.

Already in 1998 I climbed everything in reach.

I always smile! (1999)

Preparation for Rummelpott 2001 (some kind of Halloween, without frightening people, just collecting sweets)

My friends and me just starting for Rummelpott.

My latest Hobby in 2002: I want to be a Funkenmariechen (a dancer in carnival group). I started to practice together with my friend Selina. The name of the club is: Nyge-Muenster
(http://www.karneval-nms.de: in German)!

One of my loved Grannies (I've got two of them!).

I would like to be a princess, therefor I like to disguise. I don't care about details (watch my shoes).

My dad and me are the best friends! (But I love my mum as well.)

I am your lucky star! (2002)

I love daisies! (2004)